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What are Amazons commonly used certifications and certificates?

2021-03-09 10:00:42

In the daily operation of Amazon, we often encounter some issues related to product certification or certificate. Some products are required to have relevant certification before they can be sold. Although some products are not required to have certification, if they have been certified, they will make better endorsement for the products and let consumers buy more at ease. Here to give you a few commonly used certification and certificate, hope to be able to bring some help for your future operation.

1. FDA certification

The full name is "FDA certification". The food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for food and drug administration. FDA's responsibility is to ensure the safety of food, cosmetics, drugs, biological agents, medical equipment and radiation products produced or imported in the United States.

2. CE certification

"CE" mark is a kind of safety certification mark, which is regarded as the passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. CE stands for the unity of Europe. In the EU market, the "CE" mark is a compulsory certification mark. Whether it is products produced by enterprises within the EU or products produced in other countries, in order to circulate freely in the EU market, it is necessary to affix the "CE" mark to show that the products meet the basic requirements of the EU "new method for technology harmonization and standardization". This is a mandatory requirement of EU law on products.

All products with "CE" logo can be sold in EU member states without meeting the requirements of each member state, thus realizing the free circulation of goods in EU Member States. European general safety certification marks: communication equipment, electrical products, personal protective equipment, toys, etc. Among them, children's products such as children's clothes and toys need to complete the certification of children's directive in CE certification. In the import of Europe, the inspection of children's products is becoming more and more strict.

3. CPC certification

The issuing agency of children's product certificate (CPC) is specially responsible for testing the safety of children's products. All children's toys and children's products sold in Amazon US station must provide children's product certificate.

CPC certification is applicable to all products that are mainly targeted at children under 12 years old, such as toys, cradles, children's clothing, etc. if they are produced locally in the United States, they are provided by the manufacturer; if they are produced in other countries, they are provided by the importer. In other words, cross-border sellers, as "importers", need to provide Amazon as a retailer / distributor with CPC certificate if they want to sell products produced by Chinese factories to the United States.

4. FCC certification

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for ensuring the safety of radio and wire communication products related to life and property. The certification is mainly for computers, computer accessories, fax machines, electronic devices, radio receiving and transmission equipment, radio remote control toys, telephones and other products that may harm personal safety.

The following products need FCC certification if they are exported to the United States.

1) Personal computers and peripherals;

2) Household appliances, electric tools;

3) Audio products, video products (radio, TV, home speakers, etc.);

4) Lamps (LED lamps, LED screens, stage lights, etc.);

5) Wireless products (Bluetooth, wireless remote control toys, wireless switches, etc.);

6) Toy products;

7) Security products (alarms, security products, access control, monitors, cameras, etc.).

5. UL certification

Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL) is the most authoritative non-governmental organization in the United States and the largest one in the world engaged in safety testing and appraisal. It is specialized in determining whether and to what extent various materials, devices, products, equipment and buildings are harmful to life and property. The certification mainly aims at the safety of chargers, mobile power supplies, mobile phone batteries, lamps, household appliances, electric tools, etc.

6. Dot certification

The US Department of transportation (DOT) is responsible for testing the safety of various vehicles entering the United States. The certificate mainly proves the safety of auto parts products.

According to the requirements of dot, transportation vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers, buses, motorcycles, etc.) and their parts (brake hose, brake fluid, lamps, tires, seat belts, seats, helmets, triangle warning signs, etc.) exported to the United States must be registered with the U.S. Department of transportation before they can enter the market.

7. PSE certification

PSE certification is a compulsory safety certification for electrical products in Japan, which is a compulsory market access system for electrical products in Japan. According to different products, PSE certification can be divided into "specific electrical appliances" and "non-specific electrical appliances". The former has a diamond shaped PSE logo on its name plate, while the latter has a circular PSE logo on its name plate.

According to the dentorl law of Japan, 498 kinds of products must pass the safety certification before entering the Japanese market. Among them, 165 class a products should obtain the diamond shaped PSE mark, and 333 class B products should obtain the circular PSE mark.

Certification scope of class a PSE specific electrical appliances:

Wires and cables, fuses, wiring appliances (electrical accessories, lighting appliances, etc.), current limiters, transformers, ballasts;

Electric heating appliances, electric power application mechanical appliances (household appliances), electronic application mechanical appliances (high frequency hair remover);

Other AC electrical machinery (electric shock insecticidal device, DC power supply device) and portable engine.

Category B scope of Japanese non specific electrical certification:

Japanese round PSE mark certification products, which belong to the category of "non-specific electrical products", must be tested by the laboratory recognized by the Ministry of economy and industry of Japan to confirm that they meet the technical standard of Japanese electrical products and obtain the PSE certificate of qualified test report before they can be pasted with PSE round mark on the products before they can be sold in the Japanese market.

The certification and certificate listed above do not require every seller to apply. The seller only needs to apply according to his own needs (or the requirements of the platform);

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