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What certification do Amazon products have?

2021-03-09 09:56:29

With the development of Amazon platform, more and more rules are set up. When the seller chooses the product, he will also consider the product certification. So what products need certification and which certification? The letter of quasi small compilation specially sorted out a small part, hope to help you. Amazon Product Certification and certification listed below does not require each seller to apply for it, just according to their own needs.

Toy category

1. CPC certification - Certificate of children's products

However, children's products and toys sold on Amazon USA must be provided with child product certificates.

CPC certification is applicable to all products that are used by children under 12 years old as the main target, such as toys, cradles, children's clothing, etc., and the manufacturer shall be responsible for the production in the United States, and the importer shall be responsible for the production in other countries. That is, cross border sellers, as importers, want to sell products produced by Chinese factories to the United States, and Amazon, as retail / distributor, needs to provide CPC certificates.


EN71 is the standard of European market toy products. The significance of this paper is to regulate the toy products entering European market through EN71 standard, so as to reduce or avoid the harm to children caused by toys.

3. FCC certification

Ensure safety of radio and wire communication products related to life and property. The following products are exported to the United States, and FCC certification is required: radio remote control toys, computer and computer accessories, lamps (LED lamps, LED screens, stage lights, etc.), audio products (radio, TV, home sound, etc.), Bluetooth, wireless switch, security products (alarm, access control, monitor, camera, etc.)

4、ASTM F963

Generally, the first three parts of ASTM F963 are tested, including physical and mechanical properties test, flammability test, eight toxic heavy metal tests - element: lead (PB) arsenic (as) sb (sb) barium (BA) cadmium (CD) chromium (CR) mercury (Hg) selenium (SE), toys using paint shall be tested.

5. CPSIA (HR4040) lead content test and phthalate test

The requirements for lead or children products with lead paint are regulated. It is prohibited to sell some products containing phthalate. Test items: Rubber / pacifier, children's bed with railings, children's metal accessories, baby inflatable jump bed, baby walking car, rope skipping

6. Warning words

For small items such as small balls and marbles, Amazon sellers must have warning words on their packaging, suffocating danger - small items. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old, and the package should also be written down. Otherwise, in case of any problem, the Seller shall take the lawsuit.

electronic product

1. FCC certification

2. CE certification

3. UL certification

In the United States, it is not compulsory certification, mainly in the detection and certification of product safety performance. The scope of certification does not include EMC characteristics of the product. Certification mark: the "us" at the bottom right means applicable to the United States, and "C" at the lower left means applicable to Canada, and the "us" in both countries.

4. GS certification

Based on the German product safety law (GPGs), a voluntary certification which is tested according to the European Union unified standard EN or German industrial standard DIN is recognized as the German safety certification mark in the European market. The standards applicable to GS certification are the corresponding en safety standards of EU. GS certification is stricter than that of CE certification for low voltage safety (LVD), with factory inspection and annual inspection, while CE LVD is not required.

5. RoHS detection

It is a mandatory standard formulated by EU legislation, which is mainly used to regulate the material and process standards of electronic and electrical products, so as to make it more conducive to human health and environmental protection.

Beauty products

FDA certification

The responsibility is to ensure the safety of food, cosmetics, drugs, biological agents, medical equipment and radiation products produced or imported in the United States. Perfumes, skin care, makeup, hair care, bath products, health and personal care all require FDA certification.

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