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What is CPC certification?

2021-03-04 04:25:20

Amazon's children's products sold in the United States will require CPC certification. The CPC full name children's product certificate is actually similar to the domestic quality inspection report, which is a safety inspection report on product quality. When applying for CPC certification, the enterprise products are mainly evaluated according to the material points of the products, and each group of materials needs to test the standard content of CPSIA and ASTMF963. Different children's products have different standards.

Why did CPC certification fail?

Amazon CPC certification, CPSC accreditation laboratory, vendors sell products on Amazon platform, frequently require to provide a variety of certification. Now we are going through the product CPC audit. The product is a children's toy. We have submitted a large number of CPC certification, but we have not passed the certification. Why?

Looking for suitable laboratories and talents, many large organizations, though qualified and experienced, have different service attitudes and experiences, which vary from person to person and depend on luck. Therefore, to find a serious and responsible business personnel to customers is the right solution, a large number of laboratories, official website can also query. Some businessmen just want to make money, collect money for free or shirk responsibility. Whether the product testing standard is correct, whether the testing project is completed according to the traditional industry, and the requirements of Amazon platform for product testing.

As we all know, in addition to passing the inspection report, children of current product category also need to pass the inspection report and provide CPC certificate. Of course, you can award it yourself, or you can find a laboratory to award it. In fact, laws and regulations have clearly given people the correct format and requirements. Seeing that some peers have done all kinds of things, no wonder they won't let you pass.

4. The above three points have been achieved, but they have not been passed. The problem may be that the information we provided to the laboratory is inconsistent, and the account name, manufacturer name, product name, product model and background information do not correspond.

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Address: 2-3 / F, block B1, Hexing building,

20 Houjie Avenue East, Houjie Town, Dongguan City

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