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What information does CPC certification need to provide?

2021-03-04 04:29:06

The United States station requires that all children's toys and children's products must provide CPC certificates. When the United States station launches products related to children, including toys and baby products, it will be required to issue CPC certificates, otherwise it will not be sold. So today, I will explain in detail what the CPC certificate is?

Although children's product certificate (CPC) is called "certificate", it is essentially a written statement of guarantee. The product compliance claimed in the CPC certificate shall be inspected by a third party laboratory approved by the CPSC, and the qualified inspection report shall be issued for endorsement before the product can be declared to comply with the safety regulations and standards applicable to children's products in the United States.

Children's products refer to consumer goods designed and intended for use by people aged 12 and below, including but not limited to toys, molars, pacifiers, children's clothing and other products. If children's products want to be sold in the U.S. market, both online e-commerce platforms and physical sales enterprises require suppliers to provide CPC certificates.

Information to be included in CPC certificate:

1. Product information

2. All laws and regulations applicable to the product

3. Information of the importer or manufacturer (in the United States): including name, address and telephone number

4. Contact information of the holder of the test result file supporting the certificate: name, address, email address and telephone number( Generally speaking, it can be understood as a manufacturer outside the United States.)

5. Product production date and address, production date must be to year, address must be to city;

6. Test time and address or certificate based test report

CPC application process:

1. First of all, the product should have finished copy and picture (at least one)

2. Transfer the product to distribution. If it is live product, please fill in the product information carefully

3. The charged product must download the SDS form, fill in the content and upload it, and complete the dangerous goods audit (ask the Seller whether it is successful within 4 working days)

4. Package the prepared product certification certificate and report, including ASTM f963-16 / - 17 and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

5. It may also be necessary to provide the product packaging including the manufacturer's address and name, and high-definition pictures of the product.

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