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Fire test

2021-04-22 18:54:26

Residential fires account for more than 80% of the fires in the world every year. Upholstered furniture is one of the most potential hazards of residential fires. In order to reduce fire hazards, most countries in the world have formulated a series of fire safety regulations for upholstered furniture. The fire safety regulations for upholstered furniture in some countries or regions of the world are shown in the table below.

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Fire protection regulations of British furniture and furniture decorations 1988 (regulation No. 1324)

The regulation aims to ensure that the components and combinations of upholstered furniture used in the UK meet specific flame retardant requirements. Upholstered furniture produced and sold in the UK must meet the regulation, which is tested in accordance with BS 5852: Part 1 (1979) & Bs 5852: Part 2 (1982).

Scope of application:

① All kinds of upholstered furniture (including: dining chair, back bench, foot cushion, soft stool, children's furniture, bedside couch, sofa bed, futon and other folding furniture (which can be used as sofa or bed), bean bag and floor mat); upholstered furniture for infants and young children; complete or self-assembled upholstered interior furniture; second hand furniture produced after 1950; headboard and tailboard with upholstery And side plates.

② Soft furniture that can be used both outdoors and indoors (family and caravan); soft decoration in caravan (not ordinary motor vehicle or ship); rattan furniture with cushion.

③ Sofa bed, bed frame, mattress and pillow (only for stuffing); loose cushion and cushion (only for stuffing).

④ Fabric of furniture; loose and elastic fabric of furniture; fabric of invisible part of furniture.

⑤ Sponge and non sponge fillers in furniture.

According to different materials, the test terms are different

BS 7176:2007 + a1:2011 flame retardant test specification for upholstered non domestic seat products

It is applicable to non domestic seat products with cushions produced and sold in the UK, but excluding cushioned seats for traffic. 2500 pieces of products are recommended in the standard or tested regularly once a month. If the process, composition and structure of the products are greatly changed, they should be retested in time.

Bs7176 includes combination test and filler test

battery of tests

According to the different degree of fire hazard in different public places, products are required to meet different risk levels. The hazard levels and test standards required for different occasions are shown in the table below:

Filler test

The filler test requires that the fillers of all hazardous products must meet the requirements of the fire protection regulations 1988 (regulation No. 1324) of British furniture and furniture decorations.

TB 117-2013 flame retardant test requirements, methods and equipment of materials used in upholstered furniture

On November 21, 2013, the California government officially announced that the new version of furniture fire prevention standard TB 117-2013 has been approved and will be implemented on January 1, 2014. The manufacturer will have a one-year buffer period, which will come into force after January 1, 2015. TB 117 is applicable to household furniture. Compared with the previous 2000 version, the 2013 version mainly has the following changes:

① Label changes

Exempt products no longer require labels.

② Changes in exemption of youth products

The number of exempted products increased from 3 to 17.

③ Test method change

Only the cigarette test, cancel the open fire test; the test is a combination test rather than a component test.

TB 117-2013 requires that the component materials of products meet the corresponding clauses and requirements of the standard

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